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  • Call Out To Remove Wasp Nest Living Inside The Kitchen. Early Start To The Season.

    early april wasp
  • Honey Bee Swarm Collection

    Its Coming Up To That Time Of Year Were Honey Bees Will Start To Swarm We Collect And Re Hive All Swarms20160705_121905 (3)

  • Report Of Wasp Sighting

    Clients Ringing To Report Wasp Sighting Within There Property Please Dont Be Alarmed Its Just The Queen Wasps Coming Out Of Hybernation .They Wont Be Developing There Nests The Earliest I Was Called To Treat A Wasp Nest Was The 18th May.wasp It Will Be Intresting To See How The Wasp Population Are This Season

  • We Offer Pest Prevention Service Contracts.

  • Unmarked and Marked Vechiles for a Confidential Pest Control Service

    twin cars

  • Another Great Story In Mondays Evening Chronicle