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Electric Fly Killer Unit Supplied and Serviced

Electric fly killer units fitted and supplied in Newcastle, Gateshead, and throughout the North East

Flies can be a public nuisance all year round, but especially during the warmer months when they come out in force.

Considered a source of concern to public safety, flies carry large quantitates of pathogens, which are responsible for human disease. Due to the fact that they move quickly from room to room, and surface to surface, it’s often impossible to determine exactly which areas they have contaminated.

Many homes and businesses, of all shapes and sizes, have an issue with flying insects finding their way into kitchens, food outlets, and food production lines, especially areas where exposed food is brought in and out.

The good news is, there is a solution. An electric fly killer unit is ideal for helping to effectively remove flies from a diverse range of commercial, residential, and industrial environments.

Using ultraviolet UV light to attract the insects to the unit, this innovative electric flyer killer works by exposing the insects to an electric grid. Here at Problem Solved Pest Control, we supply and service a great range of performance focused fly killer units that are suitable for use in a whole host of living and working environments.

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